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NFC Effect to Environment

Businesses and individuals alike are realizing the benefits of going green. With the push for greener businesses, homes, and environments becoming a large issue, companies are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and save paper. Near field communication technology takes a step in the right direction by cutting down on paper consumption for advertisements and communications.

Though businesses still print ads to put NFC tags on, they can reduce the amount of extra paper circulated with each ad. Instead of distributing flyers for a house for sale or a clearance event, a large sign can have an NFC tag that users wave their smartphone over to get all the information they need about the event. This cuts down on the amount of material printed for an advertising campaign. This is especially important since all that paper is typically thrown away after the sale ends.

save trees
minimize waste

COVID-19 and NFC Cards

An increased emphasis on cleanliness and minimising touch has caused more people than ever to flock to contactless payment cards. When keeping your distance is necessary. While most large businesses were fully equipped to go fully contactless, not every business had the ability to the same. However, recently, small businesses have needed to adopt contactless technology to reduce the need for customers to sanitize their possessions and hands.

PVc Business Cards

are something different, something unique
Stand out from the crowd with your very own plastic business cards. They help to create a high perceived value ensuring that your plastic business cards do not get thrown away. Plastic business cards will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.
Direct save your contact card
Custom your own design
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