About us

Simplicity is the most essential element of creativity.

Any creation on earth is a set of simple elements combined together to form the bigger picture. 

On earth where humans always seek shelters and homes, we rstly invented the concept of huts which is the rst type of home ever created. It is made of simple ingredients similar to mud and stones. The concept itself is then turned into the modern urban homes we see in the time being. From the “Simple yet sophisticated” concept of huts, we inspired our company. 

Our values


We seek the better form in every aspect, we provide every solution and every modulation to attain excellence. 

Time oriented 

We believe in the value of time and due dates. This is why we always deliver our service in time. 

Home based relations 

A long and tight business relationship is always rewarding. 
We are a single HUT which gathers everyone underneath! 


Seeking the newest trends and technologies always set us in front of the competition. We always explore and pursue these trends to aord the utter experience for our clients. 

We incubate simplicity in every touchpoint.
We believe in the power of simplicity and its professional aection. 

Our business concept is founded to support, assist and aid the marketing eld through simple sophistication. We include fully integrated marketing & advertising services for our clients as we are keen to showcase a better side of our partners strengths. Communication is a main successful factor for us, since we are home oriented and familiar. We are interested in long term relationships with our stakeholders including our business partners, suppliers and community. We treat HUT advertising as the new home of utter simple solutions for our clients. 

The art of simplicity is the puzzle complexity  

Doug horton 

The Story Behind HUT Republic

After the world map has been revealed, a couple of Egyptian explorers decided to have an exploring trip heading East Cairo.

They gain their power and inspiration from nature.
A vintage whisky bottle was found with a message inside & the cork was engraved by the shape of an Eagle Owl.

They opened the bottle and found this message.
In the Name of our beloved Republic “HUT Republic”
We severed a blind virus attack in the past couple of years, it was pandemic.

We tried to survive by all means, but its power exceeds our precautions.
it haunted the children in our republic.
Today we lost the last child in our republic. Though, we also lost our future, our name, our heritage, our presence.

We decided to write this message as we have the faith and the believe in the next life (Earth is never dead).
So, we left this message for the forthcoming residents.
“There was a republic called hut”
Long live hut republic.

They decided to rise up the name and come back the life to this fruitful land.
It wasn’t easy surviving the wild, we started by building the Hut that ceiling we can stay underneath and start planning the industry of the Republic, They had a common thing which is advertising experience though they decided to return that republic back to life under the name of Hut Advertising Republic.
Hut Advertising Republic officially launched in 2021 with a wide scope of services
Corporate Event planning
Public Event planning

Corporate Give-away
Branding & internal branding
Billboard & digital outdoor campaigns
Social Media (presence, Management, Moderation, promoting Ads, lead generation)
Media productions & distribution
Sound studio
Sound mixage
Music productions
Cut the point of dealing with more than an advertising agency (delegation issues) for big and huge projects or short notice projects.